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5 tips to writing a perfect 1st communication every escort will appreciate

The following is a useful test originally written by Adi MacArtney that I changed a little ^^  

All escorts are bombarded by one line communications which are usually ignored or declined by the provider. Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself? Here is a wee list of 5 do and 5 not’s when communicating.

The Do’s

1- Say hello and give your name.

If you wrote an email at work to someone new, I am sure you would begin by introducing yourself.

2- Say what type of meeting you seek.

Escorting is not just about sex. At least half of my bookings are for lunch, dinner, opera, theatre or travel. There is nothing wrong with sex in a hotel! (I love it), but simply asking ‘R U AVAL?’ is not useful. I spend a lot of time preparing, physically and mentally, for bookings. Preparing my body for a hardcore session is very different process to preparing for a meal and wine in a country pub. Some days I may be in the mood for one, but not the other, so knowing what type of meeting it is often decides whether I will accept it.

If you are wanting to develop a regular relationship with an escort, taking them out for a meal or an artistic event first goes a looooong way in building trust and friendship.

3- Say when and where you would like to meet.

I am rarely, if ever ‘available now’. I have a busy fun life. I do my best to schedule my time around when a meeting suits you best, but make sure to always include both the date and the date in a mail.

4- Say how long you would like to the booking to last.

Although an hour is common, many people book multiple hours or even whole days and nights, so make sure you state how long you would like the date to last, it helps me plan.

5- Say what you desire from the encounter.

I am very unjudging, it’s almost like a confessional except that there is no need for guilt or shame. If you have a fetish, say it, if you want to explore something, say it. By knowing and begin open, we can plan the encounter of your dreams. Yes, dreams can happen. Read my website carefully first so that you already know the activities I do not offer (and those I adore).

The Do Not’s

1- Haggling or stating I’m too expensive.

If I am beyond your budget please do not get in touch. This isn’t meant nastily. But you would not haggle for your shopping in the supermarket or writing to Amazon to see if they will give you that computer for less. This is not Ebay. You just offend and devalue me by asking my services for less.

2- Saying I am better than ‘XYZ’ escort

. Sex work is a small community and you are probably insulting my friend.

3- Providing unasked for contact details.

I understand that often this can be done with good intentions, however, I hate when someone mails me their number followed by ‘I have trusted you by giving you my number, now I expect XYZ’. It doesn’t work this way.

4- Saying you are drunk or high

. I am not a puritan, but part of what I do on a first mail is weigh up how safe and stable you are. I take as few risks as possible with my work, and meeting a drunk stranger is something I will never do.

5. Being very short.

The length of your communication matters. An essay is too much, but if you only write 10 words in one sentence it shows zero effort, so generally, I will respond with zero effort.  

I can summarize all of the above in one sentence maxim.

Treat escorts with respect, and they will respond accordingly.

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